The Facility

Our top-class facility is a place for everyone to experience sport, competition, and elite training. The facility includes a synthetic turf field, a multipurpose studio, as well as state of the art training equipment.

Synthetic Turf Field

Multipurpose Studio

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About Us

From recreational pick-up games to High-Performance training, USC is committed to providing our community with the best programming that Canada has to offer.

Our mission is to enhance the quality of life in the communities we serve through fitness and sport. We strive to provide athletes with knowledge and tools to progress their athletic careers, while also catering to those who participate recreationally. 

Our team is growing and we are quickly expanding our offering. From youth tournaments to birthday parties, USC does it all.


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Upland Sports Centre has created outside-the-box team-building programs that ensure maximum FUN. Our first program to launch was Soccer Tennis, where players would play in a tournament-style format in which games are timed, standings are kept, and all teams compete in a playoff to decipher a champion. We have since gone on to host a handful of tournaments that continue to grow every year. Check out some of our tournaments by clicking the button below.

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